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 Mixed Bag
A fairly mixed bag of odd cover versions and non sequiturs including Walking on Sunshine by Dan Wilson from his latest CD, several tracks compiled by Felix Kubin from an anthology of German home tape recordings of the 1980s including a strange version of Everybody has something to hide except for me and my monkey which nudged me towards Jealous Guy by Donny Hathaway and other Beatles covers, plus Angela (Davis) by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and a long polemic on Revolution by Galaxia.
27th March 2015
 Hello Bob
Performance artist and gospel guru, Bob Parks, continues with his circuitous perambulations on and around twentieth century aesthetic theory and politics, driving on the wrong side of the ring road, taking in Malevich via Harold Melvin and killing his mother on the way by falling asleep at the wheel.
20th March 2015
 Lettre Rock!
Hybrid Lettrist poetry/rock n'roll from Maurice Lemaitre. Most tracks from an album released by Algha Margen in 2014 in an edition of 240 copies (project co-ordination, mastering and liner notes by Frederic Acquaviva).
13th March 2015
 International Womens Day
First broadcast on Friday 6th March and set to repeat on Sunday March 8th which happens to be International Women's Day. Carole Finer also known as Carole Chant, artist and occasional performer with The Scratch Orchestra, occupies the studio before me on Friday, hosting Sound Out. Carole is a woman. I invited her to remain and play records of her choice. Some people think this is incestuous.
6th March 2015