Wavelength is broadcast on Resonance104.4fm at 2:45pm, Friday afternoons and repeated the following Sunday at 09:00am.

 Message to My Friends
Good Friday (repeats Easter Sunday). The ticking clock. 1; Winding Up by Dorothy Norwood from the double CD Holy Spirit; Spiritual Soul and Gospel Funk from Shreveport's Jewel Records. 2; Part 1 of Kyriades by Bernard Wisson from Ondes Martenot, Thomas Bloch performs. 3; A Mover (Place in the Sun) Boss Soul, 12 Poems by Sarah Webster Fabio. 4; This Train by Chrysta Bell and David Lynch. 5; Nightmare by Lindsay Cooper from Ondes Martenot (as before), this track featuring the voice of Phil Minton. 6; Message to My Friends by The Violinaires also from Holy Spirit. 7; Mare Teno by Michel Redolfi from Ondes Martenot (as above). 8; Putin Zassal by Pussy Riot. 9; The Upper Way also by The Violinaires from Holy Spirit. 10; Five Variants of "Dives and Lazarus" from Orchestral Works by Vaughan Williams.
18th April 2014
 Musique Tachiste
Musique Tachiste by Michel Magne. First issued in 1957 and now the debut release on the Cacophonic label, described as one of the earliest full-length (29 minutes) experimental French concept albums, presented here in its entirety. The second half of the programme consists of three versions of I Say A Little Prayer written by Burt Bacharach; the original by Dionne Warwick, an instrumental version by Roland Kirk from the album Volunteered Slavery and finally A Better Tomorrow + I Say A Little Prayer (Roland Kirk version) from Ground-Zero plays Standards.
11th April 2014
 Corpses from Hell
Today's guest is Maxwell Paternoster who I met at Maurice Seddon's funeral. Maxwell made a motorbike from parts bought from Maurice. He is also a video artist and illustrator, besides being a member of Corpses from Hell , a sort of postmodern Hell's Angels devoted to unique hand made eccentric motorcycles. The show features recordings of engines at Bonneville salt flats and reminiscences of Maurice Seddon's scrapyard garden.
4th April 2014
 Radio Seddon
Today's show is a continuation of The Seddon Tapes in the aftermath of the funeral of Captain Maurice Seddon Royal Signals (retired), at Slough crematorium on Monday 24 March. Erika informs Maurice in German that George W. Bush was an alcoholic. Maurice orders red clover and Emu oil. A social worker approaches me at the wake and offers me the ashes of Maurice's sister, Cecilia, discovered in a plastic bag on the mantelpiece of Datchet Cottage.
28th March 2014