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 Tribute to Jack Bruce (1943-2014)
Sixty minutes of Jack Bruce who died on 25th October 2014. Two tracks from 1964 with the Graham Bond Organisation, Politician from Goodbye Cream 1969, Weird of Hermiston from Songs for a Tailor 1969, Folk Song from Live at the BBC 1977 (and later; We're Going Wrong from the same album), Desire Develops an Edge 1983, Vertical's Currency 1985, and Exotica 1992 (all with Kip Hanrahan) and finally Reach for the Night from Silver Rails 2014.
31st October 2014
 Film of the Same Name
Film of the Same Name follows Philip Sanderson and Steven Ball as they revisit the haunted landscapes of their 1980s film trilogy Apostrophe S. The film melds the filmmakers' revisiting of the locations of the original films, a workshop re-enactment, and topographic animation, all set to a soundtrack of newly composed songs and music with fragmentary echoes of the earlier films.
24th October 2014
 Morgan Fisher and Margaret Honda
Morgan Fisher and Margaret Honda in the studio discussing Margaret's new film Spectrum Reverse Spectrum which was just screened at the London Film Festival, and Morgan's film practice since the 1960s.
17th October 2014
 Chumlum etc.
Musics in the margins 3, a new compilation on sub rosa including Cosmic Dennis Greenidge and others. Ursula Bogner, D.J. Harvey (Wildest Dreams) and Angus Maclise, including the soundtrack to Chumlum by Ron Rice (1964).
10th October 2014